Applying to i2i Teaching Partnership through UCAS

Once you feel you’re ready to embark on your new teaching career, you can apply for teacher training with the i2i Teaching Partnership. You have to do this via the UCAS Teacher Training application portal. UCAS have explained exactly how the application process works, via the DfE. We have added our own information to help where possible.

How does a candidate apply?

Applications are made on UCAS Teacher Training. UCAS have got plenty of resources to help you along the way, such as this brilliant how-to video on how to make an application for teacher training.

How do you search for and find a provider?

Once you’re ready, you can search for teacher training courses using the UCAS search tool. You’ll be able to search for courses based on subject, age range, training programme type, and location.

i2i Teaching Partnership SCITT can be found using code 24X. Subject codes can be found on each subject page.

Can you explain the Apply 1 and 2 process?

When you submit your application you’ll be in Apply 1. You can add up to three choices onto your application. If you haven’t added all three, you won’t be able to add any further choices after you’ve sent your application. 

If you’ve been unsuccessful with your original choices or do not accept any offers, you can go through Apply 2. This application phase gives you the opportunity to apply elsewhere. 

Remember, it’s not possible to change a personal statement or reference once submitted, even in Apply 2. However, training providers may accept a further cover letter. Speak directly to us at Weydon, and ask if we'd be happy for you to send us any additional information to support your application.

Any more tips before applying?

Why not attend one of our open days? Doing so will help you get a better feel for the course and training before you apply.

For more specific information on the application process, sign up with UCAS for an information pack.

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