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TeachMeet Presentations

We have uploaded a number of the i2i Partnership #TeachMeet presentations, past and recent.  


Agency through authenticity by Chris Waugh @Edutronic_Net

Chris presented on how genuine student authenticity can be created by, amongst other things, using blogs to connect to people outside of the classroom. The success of his team, and that of his students, has been inspirational. During his presentation. Chris also discussed how his team have introduced deep rooted student choice into the learning process. All of this is discussed in more depth on his teams web page http://edutronic.net/

Using Socrative student response system by Steve Clarke @fhesbusiness

Steve presents what Socrative is, how it might be used to engage students and gain instant feedback on the learning that is taking place. He discusses how Socrative can be used to assess the stage learners at are related to SOLO taxonomy and demonstrates some of the various features of the tool.

Assessment and Feedback by Jack March @GeogMarsh (Audio file)

Jack produced an audio presentation discussing the assessment and feedback document located on this page. The document has been designed with the intention to increase the impact of feedback by encouraging students to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, then create an action plan for the way forward.

Teachmeet 2017

Hassle Free Marking (Amy Diprose)

Marking and Feedback: the Woolmer Hill Story (Dave Clayton)

Techniques to improve student memory (Jackie Sharman)

What, How, Why, Who (Action Jackson)

Developing Resilience & the Learning Pit (Jamie Fisher)

No more intervention: Spotlight at Weydon (Maria Mason)

Staff and Student Wellbeing: happiness and success (Mark Sharman)

Exams Under Pressure (Tom Ramsbottom)

Differentiation (Jules Curtis Gooch)

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