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School Experience: A Week In The Life of a DT Teacher

May 20th 2017

My school experience with the Weydon DT team. 


On my first day venturing back to Weydon I was picked up by Mrs. Neil and taken up to the DT department. I said hello to everyone and then helped Mrs. Neil within lesson 1 set up for lessons for the day such as putting out packs for year 11 on testing and evaluating their projects. 2nd  period, which came quick, and I was supporting year 9 carrying on with their textile art GCSE project.
After break, third lesson, Mrs. Neil had a meeting with Mrs Sharman while I was able to sit in on a year 10 resistant materials lesson. It was nice to already be seeing another part of DT. Then period 4 was a year 11 textiles design lesson, where I ended up reminiscing about my own gcse textiles years and reminding students how little time they had till it would all be finished. They were working on their practical work and starting testing and evaluating. Lunch was spent preparing for the afternoon, barely time to eat. We had a double lesson of year 7 food, making French bread which was a fun alternative to written work, and being able to everyone home with some homecooked bread.

The lessons proved to be tiring yet Mrs. Neil described it as her relaxed preparation day (crazy right!). It showed the schools versatility and how hard each separate department works solely and combined to provide a wonderful school day for every one of the children.


Today was a long day filled with new students and returning ones. We started with a year 11 tutor group handing out exam timetables for the upcoming GCSEs. Then we headed back for a double year 8 lesson, preparing them to begin their new backpack project. Year 8’s were full of energy yet still managed to get on with their work. After break Mrs. Neil let me take charge of a new Year 8 group through a similar lesson from the morning. At lunch we grabbed some tea from the hub – formerly known as the staff room – which was a surreal experience seeing it from another perspective. Lunch flew by followed by another year 11 lesson with a deadline looming and the  cycle ride home.


Mrs. Neil picked me up from reception and we headed to year 11 tutor time. We spent period 1 in the Keller building, the new Student Support Centre, helping two boys with their reading and writing skills. I loved seeing that as Mrs. Neil works textiles part time, she also works in Keller.  She is able to help in different ways. I then joined Miss Kimber, a Newly Qualified Teacher who trained through the school teacher training programme, in a year 7 lesson on door stops, learning how to thread up a machine, a life skill I now know back to front. After break we went up to Art in Medici for 2 consecutive year 8 art lessons. They were working on finishing their green man masks for a deadline next week and I was excited to see how amazing their clay work was at such a young age.

Lunch whizzed past, working in in the DT office. Afterwards there was another double lesson of textiles for the year 7s, Miss Kimber giving me the opportunity to teach small groups of 8 about the sewing machines. Although technically difficult they persevered, showing great resilience, and hopefully with more practice they could use this skill forever. We sent them home with beads and sequins galore to continue their brilliant work as part of their home-learning project.


Today started with a year 11 assembly introducing a new raffle ticket initiative to inspire and help the year group through their last few weeks. It was amazing to see how much of an impact such a simple idea had on morale!

Lesson 1 and 2 were separate year 8 classes both looking at moving on from product analysis and on to their design ideas for ‘graffiti letters’. Most students found this really engaging, being able to have their own say in their bags. I was able to circulate and reassure them that their designs were right, plus  give them advice and feedback. After break the year 10s filtered in and we started on some new fabric techniques to explore their pop art topic. Mrs. Neil demonstrated reverse and applique, and applique and the class created a sample of each technique.

To finish the day we had a lovely double lesson of year 9. The first year of textiles art, working on life forms and similarly to the previous lesson, Mrs. Neil demonstrated some embroidery techniques including applique and batik. Some of the girls struggled with getting to grips with new techniques such as batik as it can be quite hard to get a handle on. With perseverance and just experimenting they all at least got one sample of each done. This year really interested me as to their new GCSE course, but their passion to do it well and to relate all their work together. There were a few girls in this class who I could really see excelling as they move into the later years of Weydon.

My week was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for nicer teachers and students to help me in my week. I could definitely see how each year holds wonderful potential and will shape Weydon in the future in amazing ways. I completely recommend Weydon for any sort of school experience and I am glad to say that I have enjoyed this week way more than I could have expected and believe that the students and staff do Weydon more than proud.

To find out how you could join us for school experience, email Tammy at TCresswell@weydonschool.surrey.sch.uk 

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