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  • Who switched you on to physics?

    13th May 2014

    At a time when schools need more specialist physics teachers than everbefore, teacher-recruitment is reported as being ‘in crisis’ and, according to the Royal Society, students taking A-level physics have declined by 35% between 1991 and 2005: The i2i Partnership and Weydon School are asking, ‘Who switched you on to physics?’. More importantly, we want to know how you were inspired, what made physics the logical choice for you and  whether the time may be right for you to consider the challenge of teaching physics and developing a love for the subject in future generations.


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  • Keep on bouncing: an ITT perspective on 'Resilience'

    24th November 2013

    It’s something we demand of our students and yet it seems we overlook resilience as a descriptor when it comes to ourselves as trainees. At the school where I’m training we have a series of learning icons which we judiciously scatter among our slides, zoning in on the skills we’re looking for on a particular task; one of these is a snow-capped, mountain peak symbolising resilience. But what does resilience really mean?

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  • The power of belief

    19th October 2013

    An assembly about developing a growth mindset

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