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  • Competition and motivation in the classroom

    2nd February 2014

    At the start of the academic year I decided to start attending the staff circuit training class on a Tuesday afternoon, this was an attempt to improve my fitness. Each week I would force myself to go along in spite of the inevitable pain and lack of mobility that would follow. During one session we were put in to two teams; it is surprising how much impact the element of competition can have on your motivation. 

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  • Pupil Premium: a gourmet experience

    29th January 2014

    Just for a minute, imagine the horror for our Headteacher. His PA tells him that one of the governors is on the phone.The governor is ringing from a well known pizza restaurant in the centre of Farnham, where, in the middle of the day, 15 Weydon students in full uniform have just walked in and sat down to order lunch. It is Tuesday 17th of December. Still four days until the well earned Christmas break, visions of headlines in the local newspaper dance before his eyes.


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  • Action Research in English

    25th January 2014
    English CA Reflections from Teaching and Learning Action Research January 24th 2014
    Strategy: To inform the understanding of The Curious Incident, students researched Aspergers Syndrome. The lesson presented activities where they engaged in role; took part in problem solving and discussion to challenge their views on labelling.

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  • Middle, Senior Leadership and preparing for the role of SLE

    4th November 2013

    What do you see as your main priorities as a middle leader?

    The first point to make is that a leader makes no difference without a supportive team. The team is far important to me than who leads it, as the team is the most powerful force to influence change in a school environment.

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  • Developing practice (2): The i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme

    14th January 2014

    After a long day's teaching back in September I rushed along the corridor of, worried I was going to be late for my first OTP session. Originally I had felt privileged to have been selected to join the programme, and had been optimistic about the idea of external training specifically designed to develop my teaching. Now, as I weaved through the excited groups of students, all heading home, I thought slightly sceptically about the programme:  Would I be too busy for this? Would it help? Could my time be better spent planning lessons and marking work? Would the session finish early? What resources or gimmicks were they going to provide us with to magically turn us into outstanding practitioners? I tried to push these thoughts from my head as I bounded up the stairs to the school conference room, taking them two at a time, and arrived (punctually) to the i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme. 

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