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  • Your Future, Their Future

    23rd November 2014

    Thoughts on teacher recruitment

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  • Reflections of an NQT

    20th November 2014

    Reflections on the first half-term and top tips from an English NQT

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  • Self assessment tools

    20th November 2014

    Year 11 Self Assessment

    When revising for mocks and exams, it is useful for students to have a clear picture of:

    ·        What they need to know overall

    ·        Which topics they are happy with

    ·        Which areas they are weak on and need further work.

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  • Competition and motivation in the classroom

    2nd February 2014

    At the start of the academic year I decided to start attending the staff circuit training class on a Tuesday afternoon, this was an attempt to improve my fitness. Each week I would force myself to go along in spite of the inevitable pain and lack of mobility that would follow. During one session we were put in to two teams; it is surprising how much impact the element of competition can have on your motivation. 

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  • Pupil Premium: a gourmet experience

    29th January 2014

    Just for a minute, imagine the horror for our Headteacher. His PA tells him that one of the governors is on the phone.The governor is ringing from a well known pizza restaurant in the centre of Farnham, where, in the middle of the day, 15 Weydon students in full uniform have just walked in and sat down to order lunch. It is Tuesday 17th of December. Still four days until the well earned Christmas break, visions of headlines in the local newspaper dance before his eyes.


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