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  • PGCE diary

    14th December 2014

    Christmas is around the corner. For the i2i trainees there are only 6 more teaching days to go, not that we are counting! So now would be an opportune time to reflect on how we have progressed so far.  

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  • Inspirational writing

    9th December 2014

    Thursday 27th November was a very special day for the students of the Aspire class; they were going to use the iPads for the very first time. From the time when we first told the students that they would be getting iPads they were completely beside themselves with excitement - bouncing around like tiggers. I, however, remained slightly sceptical of the iPad as a learning tool; I was about to be proved wrong. 

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  • Observations from Shanghai

    9th February 2014

    Shanghai performs at the top of the global league table in terms of students’ achievements in Mathematics, according to the data provided by the international assessment, PISA.  Fifty Specialist Leaders in Education from around the UK were selected to spend eight days researching the structural, pedagogical and cultural differences between our education systems.

    The following is a very brief summary of my observations gathered through interviews and observations in Shanghai and Ningbo.  It should be noted that a significant number of the conclusions drawn were ‘theoretical’ – that is to say they are based on what we were told rather than what we saw first-hand.  It should also be noted that many of the observations below were based on answers to questions through interpreters.  Through reflection and feedback with other delegates it is clear that on several occasions some of the contexts of the questions and the answers were lost in translation, in so far as the answers bore little connection to the original questions.  

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  • A collaboration between Maths and SEND

    1st December 2014

    Why collaborate?
    So, once again we were really pleased with how well our students achieved, but as always, good is never enough for teachers!

    How could we improve further?

    Self-evaluation time! Analyse the data, investigate, assess where we are, identify areas that we could make a positive impact on, formulate a plan....and the thoughts went on! Conclusions were reached and it became clear that, as a Curriculum Area, the students who were not making the expected LOP were also our SEN students. The chance to make a difference was here. It would be small steps and marginal gains, but following Dave Brailsford's example with Team GB cycling this is what we needed to do.

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  • What are the effective pedagogies involved in developing a reading scheme?

    25th November 2014

    This paper gives a summary of the work undertaken within the i2i alliance that has had as a broad focus reading. The collaborative work in this project began with a working group of three schools and the development of the research questions evolved and changed. The key learning from this particular project centred around the concept that, although a ‘reading scheme’ could be viewed as an administrative procedure its success is firmly grounded in pedagogy and, in particular, the 9 claims as set out in Husbands and Pearce (2012).

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