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  • Lest we forget!

    20th June 2016

    I am sure, like me, you have had the frustrating experience where a class remembers something well by the end of the lesson but seems to have completely forgotten it the next! This is especially pertinent with students in low ability groups. For this reason we decided that developing memory skills was going to be a focus of Weydon’s action research. We needed to research how memories are stored and how as teachers’ we can improve retention of information by the techniques we adopt in the classroom.

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  • Supporting learning through effective revision techniques

    15th May 2016

    5 revision techniques that work well and make a difference to learning – get the students thinking


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  • The textbooks are brilliant...

    19th January 2016

    It’s true Singapore students are at least 3 years ahead of English students in mathematical education by the time they reach Year 7. 


    Well, the textbooks are brilliant, but that’s not the only reason.

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  • Juggling balls and paddling swans

    28th November 2015

    I often pinch myself when in school as I can't believe I am a teacher. It's a job I thought I could do but just didn't think it was possible at the age of 42 when the possibility of doing so arose.

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  • Why is X=5?

    12th December 2015

    Understanding of how competitive the job sector is for PE, a fantastic opportunityhas arisen by which I could also train to teach an additional subject.

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