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School Experience Programme for Teacher Training

The i2i Teaching Partnership of schools across Surrey, Hampshire & Middlesex welcome candidates on the School Experience Programme throughout the year.

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About the School Experience Programme

The School Experience Programme offers you the chance to observe teaching and pastoral work, and the opportunity to talk to teachers about day-to-day life in a school. 

We strongly recommend to everyone that they gain some school experience through the programme.  School experience will strengthen your teacher training application, give you observational experience prior to interview and help you decide if teaching is right for you and start you on your journey to transform, lead and inspire

You should get the chance to see a range of different lessons and age groups being taught – but if you have any specific requests, you can talk to us about accommodating these. For instance, if you already have experience of observing lessons with younger secondary students, you might want to focus more on lessons with an older age group.

While your experience will focus on observation, we may be able to give you the chance to plan and deliver part or all of a lesson, depending on how many days you spend with us and whether you are making an application to us. Your time in a school might also include the opportunity to meet or shadow a member of senior leadership if that is of interest to you.

How to join

Getting experience in a school is an essential part of a good application for teacher training. Please email tcresswell@weydonschool.surrey.sch.uk to join.

As part of your placement, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check may be required and this can take four weeks or more to complete. Another way to increase your school experience is by volunteering to be an exam invigilator. During exam periods we look for volunteers to assist our Exam Officer in conducting internal and external examinations for student. For more information please contact Tammy Cresswell (tcresswell@weydonschool.surrey.sch.uk) in the first instance.

Register with us so that we can answer any questions you may have and help you through the process of applying for School Experience.

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