Get into Teaching Webinar

Event info:

Monday 29th January (19.15 - 20.30)

Our webinar will be in the form of a presentation followed by an opportunity for questions. We recognise that it is often difficult to attend a face to face session and so for those making their first tentative enquiries, this might be the perfect solution.

Sign up if:

  • you have begun considering teaching and want to find out what your next steps might be

  • you want to find out about the different routes into teaching

  • you want to know how you could train locally through our partnership and gain QTS/ PGCE

  • you want to find out about gaining school experience prior to making an application

  • you want to find out about the bursaries and finance available

  • you want to find out how to apply

  • you want to train with a partnership that is likely to offer you employment

If any of these aspects would be useful to you, please sign up now by contacting Tammy Cresswell.

For further information about the programme, visit our web page and click on the link to teacher training.

Joining instructions

Join the webinar

If you are using a computer, please click on the ‘Join Skype Meeting’ button below at the appointed time (from 19.15)

We will be available from 19.15 to enable you to make sure your settings are correct but we apologies that we will unable to help you remotely if you are unable to connect.

Your best user experience will be if you join the full Skype meeting via the link.

Mac users, don’t worry, the system is hosted as a web application so you will connect through your browser.

All users, unless you are using the most recent version of Skype for Business, you will probably be prompted to install a plug-in.

This is very straightforward and just requires clicking on the links that you are sent from the system.

If you are asked to ‘run’ the webapp – select ‘run’.

Please test your headphones and speakers are working properly, as we can affect what you see, but not what you hear.

Once your system is ready, you will be prompted to enter your name – please do so as you will otherwise simply appear as ‘guest’.

The default setting for those joining the seminar is to have the microphone muted (please do this – there is an option to type questions and interact).

We look forward to interacting with you if you choose to join the webinar.