Aspiring Senior Leader Programme

The Aspiring Senior Leadership Programme is exciting because it has been developed by the school leaders who will be looking to appoint you. If you are looking for a senior leadership role within the partnership, this could be exactly the programme for you.

These are some of the programme features:

  • a leadership 360 appraisal
  • a school project
  • network building across the partnership 
  • a position on your extended leaderhip team
  • face to face training days
  • a visit to a partner school
  • a mock interview

​You will learn how to capitalise on your leadership strengths and develop skills in areas of weakness. You will gain valuable whole school leadership experience which will be informed by leadership theory and by the experience of highly successful leaders. In short, your development on this programme will ensure you have a high, positive impact on the development of your school and you will have the tools necessary to further your career.

For more details of the programme, click here or contact Claire Copeland at Ash Manor School.



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