Bespoke School Experience

When: Saturday 16th April, 8.45am - 2.30pm

Where: Weydon School

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School experience is a vital part of the process by which you will decide if teaching is the right choice for you, and in  helping you choose a training provider.

We understand that taking time out of work can be impossible and so we would like to offer you the opportunity to gain an experience of a school during a Saturday morning.

The day will consist of you having the opportunity to:

1. Observe a live lesson - our Year 11 students will be coming in for a revision lesson and you will observe & discuss this with the teacher

2. Observe a recorded lesson from a normal school day at Weydon - the teacher will be there to explain how the lesson was planned and to take questions

3. A practical workshop on lesson planning

4. Team teach a starter activity and receive some feedback

There are additional school based activities currently in the calendar for that day, including a math Saturday school. If this goes ahead as planned, we may be able to include a learning walk to see  these lessons in action as well.

The event is free but we will be asking that you make a voluntary contribution of £30 which will be used to benefit our students. 

We will provide further details of the arrangements to everyone who signs up but we look forward to working with you on this great experience!

Kind regards,

Mark Sharman      

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