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Skilled and Talented Leaders Programme

'An experience based leadership programme challenging you to improve as a leader'

Recognising and developing your talent

To join this programme, you will need to be nominated by your Head Teacher. As a skilled and talented leader, this programme will:

  • Provide you with real opportunities to develop as a leader
  • Utilise your skills  to empower others
  • Enable you to drive improvement across the i2i Partnership

How will the programme develop me as a leader?


  • You will develop coaching skills as a key feature of your leadership toolkit
  • You will improve your leadership skills through exposure to a range of school contexts other than your own
  • You will build a leadership network
  • You will increase your ability to empower others to implement  long-term , sustainable change
  • You will gain the experience and skills necessary to become a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)

How does the programme work?


  • You will be trained to be a leadership coach
  • You will be part of a coaching triad, receiving coaching, being a coach and providing feedback to others
  • You will join a skilled and talented leader network
  • You will have access to two leadership #TeachMeets
  • You will continue your development through a commitment to school to school support

Cost and logistics

Cost is £300 per skilled and talented leader (i2i Partner schools)

£400 per skilled and talented leader (Non-i2i Partner schools)

 Location: Weydon School, Farnham

Induction:  2nd Feb 4.30-5.30PM  Coaching session 1: 14th March 12.30-5pm Coaching session 2: 10th May 12.30-5pm

Peer coaching carousel to be arranged  during  Summer and Autumn terms

How to enrol


  • You will have completed, or be in the process of completing, NPQ ML/SL/H
  • You will have been identified by your Headteacher as being a skilled and talented leader
  • Please ask your Head Teacher to contact Tammy Cresswell to enrol you on the programme







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